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How to debug using GDB Server

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If you’ve ever worked with embedded systems or built code for a system other than your build machine you’ve probably found that running code on native hardware can sometimes generate different results than on your Beige Box. Being able to run and debug your code on your target hardware can be very useful but sometimes quite difficult to do. Using GNU’s Debugger gdb can be extremely cumbersome on its own and I typically prefer to use the GUI client ddd. With most of my projects, the target hardware does not have X support and most of my interactions are through Serial or Ethernet. If you are in the same situation you might find gdbserver, which comes with gdb, of use.

For a while now I’ve been using building applications using a Cross Compiler Jail (see blog post) on my development system to make the use of cross compilers much simpler. I can compile inside a system that looks and feels like I’m on the target’s OS having gcc, arch, and a bunch of other attributes all pointing to a ARM CPU even though I’m compiling on an x86_64. No need for calling gcc-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc when the jail macros it to gcc.