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Changing default branch of git init

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With the planned update for Github to start using main instead of master for the initial default branch, I started moving all my projects on my personal git server. Until the git project itself updates the tools, initializing new projects locally still is a little bit of pain. With a simple shell script we can automate it.

Gitolite Public HTTP Access

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I’ve always liked self hosting as it gives you the most flexability. With projects like gitolite you can ditch the heavy database, the server side scripting languages and run a nicely configured and feature rich server on something as small as a Raspberry Pi.

Gitolite supports gitweb, but when running on Debian it required me to install apache2, and configure CGI. Other distros I’ve tried were even worse with dependencies. All I want to is give public, read-only access via http. Can’t be too difficult, right?