Bookmarks and CGI in Bash

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I created a URL shortner and bookmark CGI script…in Bash! Because who doesn’t love making their own version of free services just for the heck of it?

Github Repo -

The code is all contained in a single Bash script. The page it generates has a small amount of CSS built into it but for the most part it generates an HTML file with little to no Javascript. This way the page loads in any browser.

Including terminal browsers

The script provides both a URL Shortner for public use and a bookmark manager for users.

All the pages are very simple. When the link is loaded it automatically jumps if javascript is available and provides a link for simple browsers.

Users have additional options to edit and delete links. Eventually you’ll be able to tag them and search.

All configuration is stored in the script. The database is stored as a flat text files which makes it easy to backup an manipulate. Adding users is as simple as running the script from command line with a few arguments. Instructions for using the script are found on the readme in the Github Repo.

I also have a public instance running for shorting at