Blogging with a frog: I’m bad a themes

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I’ve been busy with a ton of projects and a slump at work so I’ve been all over spectrum on wanting to do anything related to computers. I’ve moved my blog to a Raspberry Pi 2 and felt that I needed something that was static but yet functional. So I’m trying out Frog.

I love Racket, but lately I’ve been on a Haskell and F# kick. Was thinking of doing a few side projects in one of those languages but I got hung up on the fact that I couldn’t get either to compile on ARM (its what I use at work for hardware and I have a lot of RPi around the house). So I thought I might as well get back to Racket to make a static site. Of course I run into compile issues.

The issue was fairly simple. As of 6.5, Racket on ARM does not support Futures or Promises. Once those are disabled, Racket builds just fine and runs nicely on the Pi.

So the theme I’m using…its really bad. I tried playing around with Bootstrap Magic. Its a great application for building customized themes for Bootstrap. The problem I’m having is…well I’m just not very good at making a theme. So hopefully I figure out a better color palette, or maybe I’ll just go back to the defaults.

And now that I look at it…oh it is bad. Ok back to the default theme until I figure something better out.