Jeff Parent

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Emerson Process Management. I work on Embedded Systems, and Wireless Communications. My interesting include Cryptography, Operating Systems and Programming Language Development.

Keybase and PGP

Everyone should be using some sort of encryption when working on the internet. I personally use PGP (GnuPG) for email, signing files and just general encryption.

Recently I’ve switched over to using Keybase. Much more user friendly, and integrates into a lot of the common social media / social development platforms we all use. I highly recommend everyone sign up. Contact me if you are in need of an invite.

Also, I have a Key Signing Policy that defines how I sign and trust other’s keys, especially those people that I don’t personally know. Here is the signature for the policy and here is my key. You can also get a copy from Keybase.

Social Media